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Precision measurement plays an important role in our R&D            Our research is highly computerized

  • R&D Lab Profile
    Our five highly-educated research staffs comprise of two Ph.D.s, two holders of master's degrees, and one university graduate. It usually takes several months for them to develop a new product. Using such advanced equipment as organic chemical synthesizers, they develop products both to meet existing market needs and new products for the new markets. Our research team emphasizes innovative product design, cost-effectiveness, and environmental protection.


Our chemicals are tested under different conditions                        Testing in progress

  • Q/C Department Procedures and testing Details
    Our two trained QC technicians are  provided regularly with in-house training.  Additionally, the production staff members are trained to perform regular inspections of materials and components as well as finished products.  All products are inspected prior to delivery, and our suppliers guarantee the quality of materials and components