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Product Specification for EPDM and Rubber Cyanoacrylate from Tuffbond

Tuffbond for Wood is specially designed for repairing wooden furniture especially the freshly cut wood.  Wood plate is, in general, uneven and often has many tiny holes or fractures on the surface.  Manufactures  would normally use putty to repair holes or cracks, however, this method of repair can simply be eliminated with Tuffbond for Wood.  Its property provides better efficiency and quality along with cost efficiency.  There fore, Tuffbond for Wood is the substitute for repair material.


Beside in furniture industry, Tuffbond for Wood also can be used for bonding plastics, rubber and metal as well as in filling and inserting small gap on production lines.

  • Repair wooden furniture (holed or cracks)

  • Buffer rubber to door bonding for kitchen furniture. 

  • High speed bonding in inserting glue into automobile light.

  • Not commended for porous surfaces & bonding materials of Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Teflon.